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China, Hong Kong & Macau Premium Wifi

Pocket Wifi for China, Hong Kong & Macau with Free VPN
RM23.00 /Day

Wifi rental packages for Mainland China, Hong Kong China, Macau China

FREE VPN for China:

Our China Pocket Wifi comes with VPN so you can use all your favourite apps and websites. No need to download VPN apps that show you annoying ads!

Roaming Man Pocket Wifi Key Feature:

-3GB daily data capped at 4G speed, then speed will be throttled down to 384kbps at unlimited 3G speed

-Connect to the fastest 4G network in town

-Wifi hotspot up to 5 device

-Wifi activation time follow Malaysia GMT +8.00 time zone

-Battery life up to 12 hour

-Customer may pick up the device one day earlier and return within 2 days after return from the travelling trip

-Pick up points available 24/7 at klia & klia2 Airport

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