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China, Hong Kong & Macau Standard WiFi Rental

Unlimited Pocket WiFi Rental Data in China (Mainland) for RM15 per day
RM15.00 /Day
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Roaming Man Pocket Wifi Key Feature:

-500MB daily data capped at 4G speed, then speed will be throttled down to 384kbps at unlimited 3G speed

-Connect to the fastest 4G network in town

-Wifi hotspot up to 5 device

-Wifi activation time follow Malaysia GMT +8.00 time zone

-Battery life up to 12 hour

-Customer may pick up the device one day earlier and return within 2 days after return from the travelling trip

-Pick up points available 24/7 at klia & klia2 Airport

Things to know before renting a pocket wifi in China

China is a fascinating country. It's one the fastest growing economies and has a very rich culture dating back thousands of years.

In recent years China has stepped up its game with regards to public wifi. It is available in many major cities in China. However since the wifi is open to the public, too many people access it at once so it becomes slow. The connection also isn't as stable as private networks.

Internet Security in China

China is home to the world's most capable hackers. If you use public wifi connections, or even cyber cafes, you are especially vulnerable to online hacking attempts. If you have to use public internet, it's always a good idea to use VPN for extra layer of protection.

The Great Firewall

The Chinese Governent is notorious for blocking certain websites from being accessed in China. Sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc are blocked so that the local population can use the local sites like Weebo, Baidu etc. This is known The Great Firewall. It has also given rise to a whole industry of VPN providers who cater to foreigners who want to use the blocked apps while they are in China.

Here's a list of VPNs that are good for breaking through The Great Firewall


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