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Guam Pocket Wifi Rental

Unlimited Pocket Wifi Rental Data in Guam for RM32/Day
RM32.00 /Day

WiFi introduced

Get unlimited pocket wifi in Guam for only RM32.00/day.


*500mb daily capped at 4G speed, upon exceed of daily cap, the speed will be throttled down to 3G 384 kbps.


Pick up can be done via klia or klia2 International Airport.


Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean. The climate is hot and sunny all year round. The island is full of beautiful scenery, coconut trees and soft sea breeze everywhere. The magnificent picture of nature makes the entire Guam exude a warm and charming view and there are many well-known golf courses and various entertainment facilities on the island.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Guam.



Guam top 10 things to do in Guam:

1.  Encore

2.  Magic Rocks Theater

3.  Ypao Beach Park

4.  Ritidian Point

5.  Tumon Beach

6.  Gun Beach

7.  Two Lovers Point

8.  Fish Eye Marine Park

9.  Guam Pacific War Museum

10. Coco Palm Garden Beach


Traveling soon? Rent your personal Roaming Man portable WiFi mobile Hotspot in Guam today so that you can enjoy keeping in touch with your business colleagues, friends and family while abroad.  


No roaming fees and no contract! Only RM32.00/day for rental!

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