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[Rental] Elite Data Plan (200GB/month)

Monthly Unlimited Internet. | High speed capped at first 200GB.

WiFi introduced

Price is inclusive of 6% SST

* Deposit RM100/device required for Malaysia local broadband

[Rental] Elite Data Plan – Unlimited internet with 4G high speed capped at 200GB data per month

**Data as low as RM1.00/GB


Malaysia SWITCH Broadband Wi-Fi

SWITCH to the STRONGEST network!


Malaysia SWITCH Broadband Wi-Fi uses Cloud Sim Technology which stores sim card in the cloud server. Allows you to enjoy the benefits of all 4 major telco company data (Celcom, Maxis , Digi and YES) in one convenient broadband.

If one telco provider is slow, just SWITCH to the STRONGEST network!


Other features:

- Flexible for portable internet “on the go” for work-from-home, social media, video & streaming

- Convenient on self-recharge (only for Roaming Man Website Account User)

- Sharable up to 5 devices 

- Powerful Rechargeable Battery: Lifetime up to 12 hours

- No hidden fees & upfront fees for Malaysians (*Deposit Policy)


**You will need to return the device after contact end.

If you would like to have your own device, click here to purchase your own device!

*Customers may contact our customer service via WhatsApp at 010-2508380 at least 48 hours in advance for office pick up appointments. 


* Deposit policy for local broadband service

    1. Single order with quantity 1 - 4 devices : no deposit is required

    2. Single order with quantity 5 - 9 devices : collect RM 300 (one time collection) deposit

3. Single order with quantity 10 and above : collect RM 500 per 10 devices (one time collection) deposit


Do you want data from ALL major telcos at your fingertips? What are you waiting for? Get Roaming Man Switch Broadband Wi-Fi today!

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