KLIA 1 & 2 Pick Up Location:
【KLIA Terminal 1 - Walk-in & Pick Up】 MTB-5-L14, Level 5, Departure Level, Main Terminal Building; 【KLIA Terminal 2 - Walk-In & Pick up】 Capsule Transit,Level 1 (CP1) Lot 1-5,gateway@KLIA2
KLIA 1 & 2 Pick Up Location:【KLIA Terminal 1 - Walk-in & Pick Up】 MTB-5-L14, Level 5, Departure Level, Main Terminal Building; 【KLIA Terminal 2 - Walk-In & Pick up】 Capsule Transit,Level 1 (CP1) Lot 1-5,gateway@KLIA2

Hippie in Heels Review

2017 / 11 / 07 4660

Here is review from famous travel blog - Hippie in Heels

WiFi devices are becoming more and more popular. When I first came to India and people were using “dongles” instead of SIM cards to get a better connection, it was the first I had heard of them. These days, it’s quite the norm to try other WiFi devices. This Roaming Man Review is based on my use of the device in India. It’s very popular in Asia but has been released in the USA now, so it’s rapidly expanding.

Roaming Man Review

As a blogger, WiFi is really important since all my income comes from literally being online. It may seem like all I do is travel and take photos but I spend SO much time online working. When I travel, it’s a real concern that I won’t have good WiFi as I do work for clients and have deadlines.

Roaming Man Review

Roaming Man Review

“With the innovative Could SIM technology, it requires no SIM cards, and automatically connect to the local carrier’s network with strongest signals based on your location. No worry about roaming fee, bill shock, locked phones, language barrier, hacking risk, juggling among different local SIMs any more.It can also be used as power bank to charge your phone anytime.” – Roaming Man Wifi Hotspot

Cloud SIMs are awesome because you aren’t stuck with one network like an actual SIM card. I’ve written before about global WiFi devices and who they are good for. Basically, someone who needs WiFi quite seriously, someone who streams a lot, and people who are hopping from country to country or traveling to a country who make the paperwork for getting a SIM very difficult.

It goes without saying, (but I’m saying it), that someone with no budget concerns would be crazy not to get a device like this as usually that is the only thing that holds people back.

Roaming Man Review

How this 4G Mobile Hotspot works is very simple.

You take it from the box, turn it on, and it tells you the password so you can connect your devices.

The cloud works by selecting the strongest nearby 3G or 4G network. You actually don’t have to do anything after that. So, when you’re traveling and your plane touches down you just turn it on and you immediately have WiFi.

Pros and Cons of RoamingMan WiFi

I have reviewed other devices and used 3 WiFi devices similar to this in my travels so I know what to look for in terms of if it’s a good deal and how the connections work, plus how convenient it is for your travels. The price is 6.99 per day so you can keep that in mind while you read over the pros and cons.


  • It connects quickly in both Goa and Mumbai where I’ve used it, even in rural areas or while driving. There are no roaming charges.

  • It streamed Netflix without issue & Spotify

  • It is actually a power bank as well, so you can charge your phone from it.

  • It’s fast when it connects to a good network; up to 150 mbps for downloads and 50 mbps for uploads.

  • Connect up to 5 devices

  • Runs for up to 15 hours on one charge of battery-life.

  • Private connections mean no one can steal your information like they can on a public WiFi system.

  • It’s cheaper than most systems I’ve seen which range around $10

  • It works in a huge amount of countries and regions. You can see the list here. It is now in the Malaysia and worked well for India portable WiFi.


  • Their website says it’s unlimited data but in the package, it also says they say they go by Fair Usage Policy in some countries and to not stream or use up too much data. When I connected to Netflix, I was warned on my device I could get data overage charges.

  • It’s heavy. I think this is mostly because it’s also a portable charger, so if you take that into account and don’t travel with a portable charger (using this in its place) it would probably even out the weight in your carry-on).

Roaming Man Review

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