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KLIA 1 & 2 Pick Up Location:【KLIA Terminal 1 - Walk-in & Pick Up】 MTB-5-L14, Level 5, Departure Level, Main Terminal Building; 【KLIA Terminal 2 - Walk-In & Pick up】 Capsule Transit,Level 1 (CP1) Lot 1-5,gateway@KLIA2

10 Best Bars to Check Out If You're In Bali

2018 / 12 / 17 2051

10 Boozy Bars To Check Out In Bali, Indonesia

Whether you've spend the entire day surfing big waves, trekking through lush forests, or immersing yourself in local culture, Bali's nightlife is where you enjoy yourself at the end of the day. These bars are places everyone needs to hit when they travel to his Indonesian paradise.

1. Single Fin

This place is amazing for some post-surfing action as it's situated atop a cliff, boasting a breath-taking view over the Indian Ocean. It also hosts live music nights and DJ sets where you can bop your head or dance too amongst a lively crowd. It has a really relaxed beach-bum feel, so go straight to this bar if you have spent the day on the beach and reward yourself with a nice cold beer, or you can just get up and start dancing on the deck if you're up for something a little more exciting.

2. XL Shisha Lounge

Probably one of the most exclusive bars in Ubud, this place really shows it off with its glamorous decor and red lightning. This glitzy bar is one you go to if you feel like getting fancy instead of going to a venue with live music. It also has some really comfortable sofas, a great variety of bar snacks to keep your appetite sated, and an interesting aquarium in one of its rooms, making it an enjoyable spot for you to spend your whole evening there.

3. Alleycats

If you're familiar with 'pre-drinking', then this place is perfect for you. It draws in a young and lively crowd of tourists and with its long tables lined with benches, it's the perfect place to meet new people and socialise. They also sell really affordable Vodka Redbulls and if you're hungover, you can always return there the next morning to taste their amazing full English breakfast, perfect for curing any hangover.

4. Laughing Buddha

A great little spot, this bar regularly hosts live gigs and plays a great selection of funky music, ideal for chilling out and relaxing after a day of exploring Ubud. And if you're a cocktail kind of person, The Laughing Buddha has some addictive and delicious cocktails for you to try, and if you're hungry, this place serves food till 1am!

5. Eikon

This bar gets super busy after midnight because it's the place to go to dance the night away. The bar has a relatively large dance floor and an upstairs, so you'll never be bored. It's known for its good taste in music and provides a fun night whether you're alone or with some friends. And if you want to make sure you can drink the night away, get there before 11pm and order their delicious bar snacks that will help you last throughout the night.

6. La Favela

Take yourself to a magical land at La Favela. Their exquisite fantasy interior of this bar is what makes its customers feel like they've just stepped into Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' with its twinkling lights, greenery lining the walls, and vintage wooden furniture. And if you have a sweet tooth, this place also boasts amazing delectable desserts; you can indulge in a chocolate fondant and a champagne cocktail whilst you immerse yourself in the Seminyak life. Don't forget to bring your pocket wifi so you can grab some pretty pictures of this place and its delicious food!

7. Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is famous of its unlimited food and drinking hours. Located in a multi-floored building, it is great if you want to wander around to find out where's the perfect place for you to dance! From its own name, you can bet there's going to be amazing views over the illuminated city of Kuta at night. However, we do have to warn that there's quite a bit of a queue at the bar.

8. Apache Reggae Bar

If you love reggae, then kick back at this bar which pays respect to Bob Marley with its Rastafarian interior. This bar is largely influenced by the Jamaican culture and is charmingly unpretentious; the perfect place to go to in your beach wear to unwind to reggae beats.

9. Ku De Ta

This bar is not far from Potato Head and has an equally 'classy' feel. This elegant place will definitely help you unwind with its beautiful red sun umbrellas set against some lush greenery. It also prides itself in its breath-taking views of the sunset and mouth-watering meals during dinner. It offers sitting space on 2 different levels and also has a couple of bars, so there's definitely enough space for you to enjoy it with your friends.

10. Potato Head Beach Club

This little chic beach bar is known for it's delicious food, tasty cocktails, and relaxing infinity pool which looks over the beach. It's perfect for those who want to relax and soak up the sun in the day and still booze it up. Or you can head there somewhere in the evening to watch the gorgeous sunset and then dance the night away!


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