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Surprising Travel Insurance Benefits You Might Not Know About

2020 / 04 / 20 1317

Written by Ashley Sue

Yes, we know, booking our flight tickets, planning our itineraries, wondering what to pack, all sounds amazing! While it’s good that you’re excited as you should be, don’t forget to cover yourself with a travel insurance so that you can enjoy yourself with a peaceful mind. What could possibly happen, you asked? 


The possibilities here are endless. For instance, you may fall ill due to the change of weather, or perhaps you’ve realised that you’ve lost your baggage when you arrive at your destination. You could even encounter a theft situation. Thing is, we are unable to foresee these situations from happening but if we’re well prepared, we can weather any storm. If you’re wondering how much it typically cost, it should be in between five to ten per cent of your trip. To make sure you don’t break you own heart or your bank, that’s not too bad, right?  


No convinced? We’re going to cover a few out of the many benefits an insurance could provide. Here are some surprising travel insurance benefits that you might not know about!


1. Cancelled Trip Expenses: Covered!


While it’s unlikely that you would cancel your travelling plans on a whim, in reality, anything can happen at any time. Like we briefly mentioned earlier such as getting sick, having last-minute work obligations, and more. Here’s when you’ll be thanking yourself for getting yourself covered. A travel insurance’s trip cancellation coverage will enable you to recover your out-of-pocket expenses and maybe even more! That’s putting money back into your pockets.  


2. Catching the next flight with ease

Transits can be scary and stressful. You are fully dependant on your first flight – hoping that it’ll get you to the next one on time. However, you can never be too sure on your flight schedules as your connecting flight might get cancelled or delayed. This can happen for many reasons – weather, operation issues, or even late boarding in the morning that causes the domino effect. In cases like this, it would often mean that you will have to spend more money getting another flight and could possibly result a day late in checking in at your destination – forcing you to spend more money than you have planned initially. Good news is, with travel insurance, a missed connection coverage would help you get another flight. You’ll even get assistance services to help you arrange and pay for all those travel changes! Wouldn’t that be more worthwhile? 


3. Get a new flight if your flight gets cancelled


After all we’ve mentioned, you should know by now that anything can happen. A flight can get cancelled because of many reasons such as something as simple as bad weather. If that were to happen, you’ll need a new flight and even a stay at a new hotel. With travel insurance, a trip interruption coverage will cover all your expenses 

to get a new flight. In some cases, they might even cover an extremely comfortable stay at a fancy hotel if your new flight happens to be the next day – or even days after. This means that you won’t have to take out a tonne of money for another trip, change your trip dates, or even settle for a bad vacation. 


4. Bankrupt travel agencies? No problem.


What if you’ve planned the perfect vacation and have entrusted the money to your travel agency for all things to go well… and then your travel agency files for bankruptcy? You’d probably be throwing a fit at the agency (we know we would!) Here’s when travel insurance saves the day yet again! With a travel insurance, not only will you be able to recoup your expenses, but you’ll also be able to reschedule you trip. So, save your angry emails and phone calls, the insurance you’ve bought has got you covered. 


5. Natural disasters won’t stop you from travelling


Imagine happily counting down the days till your trip but a month leading to it, an unforeseen natural disaster happens.  All that hard-earned money will be washed down the drain and you’ll probably have to start all over again. Doesn’t that sound like a bummer? However, weather damage travel insurance protects you from losing all your hard-earned money.  You can recover all your pre-paid costs such as hotel booking fees. Alternatively, you could also get the travel assistance services to arrange a new vacation at a different location (if you want to), so you’ll still get to enjoy your vacation without shouldering much stress. 


6. Get more help if you get injured or sick on your trip


Getting sick or injured on your trip is one of the worst things that can happen during a vacation. It might even ruin all your plans to explore the city of your dreams. You’ll also probably need emergency medical care – and quick. By getting a travel medical coverage, you won’t have to pay a huge medical bill (imagine it’s 3-4 times your currency – yikes!). Besides, you’ll also receive assistance services to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange your transportation there. Now, add that to your travel checklist, because it’s one thing less to worry about when doing any of your planned activities. Yay! 


7. There’s no need to fear the outdoors


Many of us love outdoor activities when travelling such as hiking or mountain climbing somewhere peaceful and secluded. But anything can happen in those hidden gems and you may need an emergency medical evacuation since, most likely, any form of professional help would be far away. With the medical evacuation coverage, you can arrange for safe transportation to the nearest medical facility. This kind of evacuations usually cost tens and thousands of dollars but with travel insurance, you will not have to worry about the costs. Instead, you could focus more on your well-being. 

8. Lost baggage? Don’t sweat it!


Baggage delays happen more often than you think. When it happens, you’ll even lose important personal items such as your laptop or even simple items you don’t really think about like toothpaste and shampoo. You’ll even have to cancel some of your plans to buy it all again and out of your own pocket. These items can add up to a lot of money quickly. With coverage for delayed bags, you can reach out to the respective service hotline so that they can help you recover your bags if they’re delayed. You could even be reimbursed for the essential items you’ve lost. 


9. Panic less if you’ve lost your passport


Passports are normally one of those things we keep close to us when travelling. It’s the first thing we check before we even leave our house and when we’re at the airport. Losing it while travelling can cause a lot of stress. How are you going to leave the country? What if someone had taken all your personal information and use it for illegal activities? Calm down. With a travel insurance, you’ll at least get help expediting the process of replacing and paying for a new passport. This will at least take some burden off your shoulder while you find your way back. 

There you have it – all the benefits that a travel insurance can bring! Were you surprised that there were so many of them? Remember though, to get the insurance before your trip as it won’t protect you if you get the insurance after an accident has happened or after your trip got cancelled. So, there you go! Now you can enjoy your trip AND worry less about everything else. 

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