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What do our customers love about Roaming Man Wifi Rental?

2019 / 06 / 07 1453

It has been 18 months since Roaming Man started our service & operation humbly back in late 2017.

Thank you for our customer tremendrous support in the past. Here you goes with a little sweet review from our customers who have tried our pocket wifi rental.



As far as you know, Roaming Man Pocket Wifi connect to 4G high speed data at 138 countries with our device battery life can stand about 12 hour.

There are two collection points for now which is KLIA & KLIA2 International Airport. Its 24/7 service and Roaming Man customers does't have to be worried about the collectiion time.

Most importantly, we impose deposit-FREE to the Malaysian traveller and IC is required upon device collection.

Why do we need a fast and stable internet connection overseas?

- To stay connected with our loved one and family even we are miles away from home

- To upload IG stories and social media post instantly at the travel destination :P

Find out the following fantastic scenic pictures taken by the KOL with Roaming Man Travel Pocket Wifi Rental during their recent trip !


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